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Sending The Singularity University Shield to the Edge of Space

Based at NASA Research Park in Moffett Field, California, Singularity University is a one of a kind. It was devised with the goal of teaching students about...Read More »

Speaking at CEO National Conference 2013 - Technology and Startups

Last Friday (November 1st) I spoke at the CEO National Conference about how to properly leverage technology in a startup. The event happened at the McCormick Place, and it was pretty fun! I recorded my presentation,...Read More »

Quick video for the 5th I.T. Symposium at the State University of Goias

A couple months ago I was approached by a former classmate who is now a Teacher at the University I graduated and the current coordinator of the Information Systems course at the same University to record a video talking about my experience as a student and the things I recommend...Read More »

Rare recount of escaping North Korea - TED Talk

When you think you know anything about how hard life in North Korea must be, it is time for you to watch this TED presentation. Very inspiring to learn about the life of this north korean that went through hell to escape North Korea and bring freedom to her family....Read More »

Internet's Future, according to Mashable

Although Internet is not exactly new, of one thing we’re pretty sure: it is just at its beginning. In a few years, everything will be connected and able to interact in an ever more technological society. If Ray Kurzweil is right, this future is much closer than...Read More »

Chicago Skyline from the West Loop - a Time Lapse

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Watching the gorgeous skyline of Chicago from the office is definitely one of my favorite job benefits!

The view includes the Willis Tower and some other famous icons of Chicago, and watching them through different seasons and times of the day guarantee a renewed experience every time you look...Read More »

Open Monitor and Google Summer of Code

Talk at December’s meeting of the Chipy community about Open Monitor and participating in the Google Summer of Code program.

...Read More »

Building an Internet Connectivity Monitor

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A short speech I gave at the Creativity World Forum 2011 in Hasselt, Belgium.

...Read More »

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